softwareFor more than 30 years, Gemini Consultants Limited has been widely regarded for its ability to define and implement the highest quality software solutions. Gemini will support you with software packages that will provide the potential to increase efficiency and profitability while improving customer service.

  • Loan and Mortgage Accounting Software
    Over 250 private and public sector clients have installed Cygnus to improve efficiency in loan and mortgage account processing. Cygnus streamlines all the key tasks from initial enquiry through to completion and redemption. The system accommodates variables such as differing product types; yearly, quarterly, monthly and daily interest calculation periods; capitalisation schemes and payment methods. It is fully FCA compliant, has robust reporting and communication suites and can be configured to client-specific requirements. This intuitive solution is highly automated and workflow-driven.
  • Internal Loan Administration Software
    Many organisations offer loans to staff for the purchase of items such as cars and season tickets. Unfortunately, the administration involved is often time-consuming and counter-productive. Merlin simplifies the whole process. It lists employee details, calculates and monitors repayments, handling both premature and natural redemptions. The system generates all essential correspondence including payroll and Inland Revenue notification.
  • Right to Buy Administration Software
    Mallard simplifies administration in the sale of rented accommodation by local authorities, housing associations and other registered landlords under the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire legislation. It holds details of each application for viewing and editing as well as enabling other information such as service charges to be calculated and retained. Mallard produces all essential internal and external correspondence including statements required by central government offices.
  • Service Charge Accounting Software
    Prelude is designed to help landlords increase efficiency in administering and monitoring property service charges. It stores details of bills, charges, properties and leaseholder account information, raises debits and monitors leaseholder payments. Its flexible mail-merge facility automates printing of estimates, invoices, letters and reminders. Prelude allows full analysis of service charge accounts.

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